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Entire Hindu community is Fundamentalist: Brinda Karat

Hindus should boycott anti-Hindu Brinda Karat and her party in forthcoming elections. If Hindu community is fundamentalist, then Brinda Karat would not dare to say such statements! Can Brinda Karat dare to call Muslim community as fundamentalist?

New Delhi:
Communist Party of India-Marxist leader Brinda Karat was in the firing line in Rajya Sabha on Thursday when she dubbed the entire Hindu community as fundamentalist.

Members of the Bharatiya Janata Party disrupted proceedings in the Upper House as Karat read out a confessional statement allegedly given by a riot-accused, who had conceded that Hindu fundamentalists were behind the incidents of violence in Malegaon.

Amidst the pandemonium, the House was adjourned till 1.30 pm.

"She made a sweeping statement against Hindus. She is a Hindu herself and this kind of statement was not expected from her," former finance minister Yashwant Singh told

Science and Technology and Ocean Development Minister Kapil Sibal said, "Criminals are criminals; no matter which religion they come from. And hence the whole community should not be personally identified."

Source: Rediff

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Monday, January 28, 2013
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Terror alert at Vaishno Devi after LeT threat

Jammu :
Security was heightened at Vaishno Devi in Jammu and Kashmir after Pakistan-based terror outfit Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) purportedly sent out an email threatening to target the cave shrine to avenge the execution of 26/11 terror attack convict Ajmal Kasab, media reports said Monday.

According to police, the email was received by a hotelier in Katra, on Nov 24.

Police are still trying to determine if it was a genuine threat or a hoax.

Mohammad Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of the Nov 26, 2008 Mumbai attack, was hanged on Wednesday morning, only four days before the fourth anniversary of the audacious strike from the Pakistan-based terror group that left 166 people dead and over 300 wounded.

Source : Sify
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Pak : 100-year-old temple demolished, angry Hindus ask govt to arrange tickets to India

Karachi :
A century-old temple in Karachi was hurriedly demolished by a builder despite a Pakistani court hearing a petition seeking a stay on such a move, triggering protests by the minority Hindu community on Sunday. Besides razing the pre-Partition Shri Rama Pir Mandir in Karachi's Soldier Bazar, the builder demolished several houses near it on Saturday.

Nearly 40 people, a majority of them Hindus, became homeless as a result, The Express Tribune reported on Sunday. Following the demolition, the Pakistan Hindu Council organised a protest outside the Karachi Press Club on Sunday afternoon. They protested the demolition by the builder and the lack of action on the part of authorities. The Sindh High Court is hearing a petition seeking a stay on any move to demolish Shri Rama Pir Mandir.

"They destroyed our 'mandir' and humiliated our gods," an angry man named Prakash was quoted as saying by the Tribune. The demolition team placed the statues of four Hindu deities to one side, but local residents accused them of taking away gold jewellery and crowns that had adorned the statues. Pointing to bruises on his arms, another man identified as Lakshman said, "They hit me with their guns when I tried to stop them. I told them to kill me instead of destroying our holy place."

A woman named Banwri said the demolition team arrived at around 11 am while she was preparing breakfast. She rushed outside when she heard the sound of a bulldozer and was given instructions to move her bed, cupboard and other essential items outside her home. "I watched my house go down in just minutes and I couldn't do anything," she said.

Banwri said that during the demolition, the area was cordoned off by police and paramilitary Pakistan Rangers. Outsiders were not allowed to enter the area, she added. Saveeta was among the 40-odd people who lost their homes. With her husband away from Karachi, she said she and her three children would spend the nights in the open.

The area around the temple had 150 Hindu residents and some four families lived in each of the houses that were demolished, according to an elderly resident named Kaali Das. "People were living in cramped houses, separated only by curtains. Over here, we live like animals," he said. Angered by the demolition, the Hindus demanded that the government should arrange tickets to India for them. "If you don't want us, we will go to India," screamed a woman.

Another man said the temple was "as sacred to us as your mosque is to you". However, police officials completely denied the existence of the temple. They said they had orders to remove "encroachments". DSP Pervaiz Iqbal said, "There was no temple there. There were just Hindu gods present inside the houses and we made sure that they were safe."

The people were given plenty of time to remove their belongings from their houses, he said. "We did not injure anyone. In fact, those people threw stones on us and our SHO Abid Hussain Shah was injured," he added. The local residents managed to find a plaque of the temple from under the debris. Maharaj Badri, who lived inside the temple, denied that the land had been encroached upon. "Our ancestors have been living here since independence. We are not encroachers," he said.

Military Lands and Cantonment Director Zeenat Ahmed contended the temple was "untouched" and denied it was demolished. The operation was aimed against illegal occupants and temples are "old grant property," she said. "The builder had possession of the place since years and these people were encroachers, and encroachers have no religion," Ahmed said.

President Asif Ali Zardari took note of reports of the demolition of the temple in Karachi and sought a report on the incident from concerned authorities, presidential spokesman Farhatullah Babar said. Zardari had expressed concern at the reports and directed authorities to look into the matter "to ensure that no discrimination was made to any community in any manner", Babar said. The President reiterated the government's commitment to continue safeguarding the rights of minorities as enshrined in the Constitution.

Source : IBN
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India : The Notorious Dr. Zakir Naik

By Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

He supports Al Qaeda on his television channel: He says, "If he Osama Bin Laden is fighting the enemies of Islam, I am for him. If he is terrorizing the terrorists, if he is terrorizing America the terrorist, the biggest terrorist, I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist."

He is a Muslim clergyman, Dr. Zakir Naik, who runs a huge organization, named Islamic Research Foundation. With the slogan,´'Solution for Humanity,´' Dr. Zakir not only tries to project Bible, Torah and other Holy Scriptures as fake or changed; he also promotes the idea of jihad and Islamist aggressions.

He recommends the death penalty for homosexuals and for apostasy from the faith, which he likens to wartime treason. He calls for India to be ruled by the medieval tenets of Shariah law. He supports a ban on the construction of non-Muslim places of worship in Muslim lands and the Taliban's bombing of the Bamiyan Buddhas. He says revealing clothes make Western women "more susceptible to rape." Not surprisingly, Dr. Naik believes that Jews "control America" and are the "strongest in enmity to Muslims."

Earlier this year, the Indian Express listed him as the country's 89th most powerful person, ahead of Nobel Laureate economist Amartya Sen, eminent lawyer and former attorney general Soli Sorabjee, and former Indian Premier League cricket commissioner Lalit Modi. Dr. Zakir Naik's satellite TV channel, Peace TV, claims a global viewership of up to 50 million people in 125 countries.

Although it is not suggested that Naik is directly involved in terrorism, following known terrorists have reportedly been inspired by his preaching :

  •     Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan-American arrested last year for planning suicide attacks on the New York subway;
  •     Rahil Sheikh, accused of involvement in a series of train bombings in Mumbai in 2006 and;
  •     Kafeel Ahmed, the Bangalore man fatally injured in a failed suicide attack on Glasgow Airport in 2007.

Since June 2010, this man has been denied entry into United Kingdom and Canada for his support of Islamist terrorism and Jihad and his advocacy of Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Hamas and other terrorist outfits in the world.

A few weeks ago, he was banned from entering the United Kingdom, where he had arranged to give some talks in London and Sheffield. by the Home Secretary Theresa May. May said of the exclusion order, "Numerous comments made by Dr. Naik are evidence to me of his unacceptable behavior," and noted statements from Naik such as, "Every Muslim should be a terrorist."

Khushwant Singh, a prominent Indian journalist, politician and author, argues that Naik's pronouncements are "juvenile" and says that "they seldom rise above the level of undergraduate college debates, where contestants vie with each other to score brownie points."

Singh also replied to Zakir Naik's statement that "Western society claims to have uplifted women. On the contrary, it has actually degraded them to the status of concubines, mistresses, and society butterflies who are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketers…." by saying, "Dr. Naik, you know next to nothing about the Western society and are talking through your skull cap. People like you are making the Muslims lag behind other communities." Singh further noted that Naik's audiences "... listen to him with rapt attention and often explode in enthusiastic applause when he rubbishes other religious texts ..."

Zakir Naik continues to make anti-Semitic statements in his 'lectures' on Peace TV and other platforms; on record, he says, "Jews are our staunchest enemy."

Peace TV programs reach millions of households in the West, including United States, United Kingdom, European Union and Australia; and several so-called "community mosques" in United States and UK regularly distribute books and DVDs containing lectures of Dr. Zakir Naik to young Muslims and non-Muslims.

While the Muslim press was continuing to paint Zakir Naik as a 'Hero of Islam', only one newspaper, the Weekly Blitz (full disclosure: ours) continued to publish articles and editorials critical of him.

Dr. Naik operates this channel from Brtain from heavy donation and contribution by Muslims as a part of their Zakat [tithe], as well as donations from various Afro-Arab sources.

Speakers in PeaceTV, who regularly appear in the programs are Dr. Zakir Naik (India), Ahmed Deedat (South Africa), Dr. Bilal Philips (Canada), Yassir Fazaga(USA), Abdur Rahim Green (UK), Hussein Ye (Malaysia), Dr. Jafar Idris (Sudan), Salem Al Amry (UAE), Dr. Israr Ahmed (Pakistan), Maulana Parekh (India) etc. But only one person occupies almost 65 per cent of the program segments: Dr. Zakir Naik.

In one of the programs on PeaceTV, Dr. Zakir Naik said in Urdu that Jesus Christ never claimed to be a Christian -- of course, he was not; he was a Jew. According to Zakir, however, Jesus was also a Muslim. Apparently Dr. Zakir wanted to convince the audience that, since ancient times, there is no divine religion except Islam in this world.

Commenting on Dr. Zakir Naik, the eminent Indian sociologist Imtiaz Ahmed said, "Brought up on the heavy dose of Saudi Arabia-backed Salafist-Wahabi Islam, Naik follows a supremacist ideology. The Saudis think they have a divine right to convert Muslims across the world into a puritanical Salafist Islam. Naik is their public face."

Source : Gatestone Institute
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Shahrukh Khan can come to Pakistan if he does not feel safe in India : Hafiz Saeed

Lahore (Pakistan) : If Shahrukh Khan does not feel safe in India, he can come to Pakistan, said Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed.
Saeed was speaking to Express News during an interview.
“I welcome him; I will help him with his stay here,” the JuD chief said, adding that Shahrukh will be respected in Pakistan.
Saeed’s invitation comes in response to Shahrukh’s recent statements about life as a Muslim in India. The Indian superstar – in a first person account – talked about how he became an “inadvertent object of political leaders.”
In the Outlook Turning Points magazine, Shahrukh said “I sometimes become the inadvertent object of political leaders who choose to make me a symbol of all that they think is wrong and unpatriotic about Muslims in India.”
“There have been occasions when I have been accused of bearing allegiance to our neighbouring nation rather than my own country — this even though I am an Indian, whose father fought for the freedom of India. Rallies have been held where leaders have exhorted me to leave and return what they refer to my original homeland,” he wrote.
Saeed is considered as most wanted terrorist by India for his alleged association with Lashkar-e-Taiba and its anti-India activities. He, however, denies any wrongdoing and links to militants.
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Lashkar, Indian Mujahideen keen on attacking India

New Delhi :
The Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and the Indian Mujahideen are interested in carrying out terrorist violence in India but there are no such inputs about the Taliban, the government said Tuesday.

Minister of State for Home RPN Singh told the Lok Sabha that the Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) and the Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) too fell in the category of groups keen to stage attacks in India.

"The central intelligence agencies have no specific inputs indicating (a) threat from Taliban," he said in a written statement.

But intelligence inputs indicated that the other four groups, including the Pakistan-based Laskhar, showed "abiding interest" in carrying out terrorist violence, he added.

The minister said there was "a very close and effective coordination" among intelligence agencies in the central and state levels and this had "resulted in bursting of terrorist modules".

He said the Multi Agency Centre had been strengthened and reorganized to enable it to function on 24x7 basis for real time collation and sharing of intelligence with other intelligence agencies.

Source : Zee News 
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Take up the issue of pollution of River Ganga as a political issue in the forthcoming elections ! – Prayagraj Commissioner

Jhunsi : Different drives were undertaken for making River Ganga pollution-free; but they did not achieve much. We talk about development; but along with that, the issue of Ganga pollution should also be considered as of equal importance and should be made a political issue in elections. The above opinion was expressed by Mr. Devesh Chaturvedi, the Commissioner of Prayagraj.

‘Ganga Sansad’ was held for 3 days at Govind Vallabh Pant Science Institute and Mr. Chaturvedi was speaking during its conclusion program. He said, “The project of processing sewage water is not implemented honestly due to corruption. Mostly, dirty water is directly released in River Ganga. The anti-pollution drive of Ganga is also adversely affected owing to corruption.” (The Commissioner should explain what he has done to stop pollution of Ganga at Prayagraj ! – Editor SP) Saint Maheshanand Maharaj said, “There should be no dams on Ganga. If all dams built on Ganga are removed, there will be no famine in the country.” Yesterday, retired Army Chief, V. K. Singh joined this ‘Sansad’.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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‘Indian Mujahedeen (IM)’ threatens a pro-Hindu businessman from Kurla with life

Mumbai : Mr. Paras Gupta (age – 28 yrs), a pro-Hindu businessman from Kurla has received a threat from IM, a terrorist outfit. Kurla police have registered a case.

There is a sweets shop owned by Mr. Gupta near Kurla (West) railway station. He informed that ‘he received a letter written by IM through post wherein there is a threat to stop propagation against Islam and leave Kurla. Mr. Gupta is closely associated with BJP and Bajarang Dal. (The threat by IM shows that it has become a crime in this country to be a Hindu. There is no alternative to establish  Hindu Nation [ i.e. Nation run by ‘sattvik’ righteous people for the welfare of the world] for bringing about a change in this situation ! – Editor)

It has not been possible to find out the place from where the letter has been sent by the terrorist organization. This letter has been handed over to ‘Anti-terrorist Squad (ATS)’, stated an officer from Kurla police station.

Mr. Gupta informed that in the year 2003, a terrorist named Riaz Bhatkal had threatened his father; after which he was provided security; but he was shot. He was hit on his knee and was injured. Presently, Riaz Bhatkal has joined the terrorist organization, IM.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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Kumbh Mela : Swami Raghav Das ji raises army of young men for protection of cows !

Prayagraj (UP) :
Many Saints- Mahatmas are giving guidance, holding discourses, satsangs etc. in ‘Kumbh-Mela’ as also creating awareness on social problems. Swami Raghav das ji Maharaj is one such disciple of Mahant Shri. Rhushi Kumar Das ji Maharaj from Vrundavan, who gave a message of protection of cows to ‘Kumbhnagari’. An exhibition has been held in Khalsa Camp, Panchavati Palavalnagar at Sector 11 displaying very heart-rending photographs. Swamiji undertook the mission of ‘Gou-rakshan (protection of cows)’ since the age of 21 from Vrundavan and today, hundreds of youth are working under his guidance for protection of cows at various places like Haryana, New Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan. 

This exhibition is drawing attention of Saints-Mahants and devotees. A film is also shown there on how cruelly a cow is slaughtered. Groups of youth formed by Swamiji go around everywhere. They create awareness amongst people where cow/ cattle slaughter is taking place, they are ill-treated or neglected. Swamiji has held exhibition on cow-slaughter and pollution of River Ganga in his camp in ‘Kumbhnagari’. There is also one exhibition on killing of female foetus showing very realistic pictures.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat
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Violent Muslim mindset needs to change : Irfan Iqbal Gheta

As the general elections of 2014 draw near, Muslims are becoming more aggressive. This is not merely a figment of my imagination. The incidents of recent past bear a testimony to this observation.

The starting point was last year’s Mumbai violence. The peaceful protest against killings of Muslims living overseas turned violent in the blink of an eye. Property was vandalised, including the Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial,and normal life was disrupted as police looked on helplessly like bystanders.

Why did the peaceful protests turn violent? Why did the police fail to act? Was it asked to look the other way? Sadly the guilty still remain at large. Had the police acted tough and cracked down on the mischief-mongers, a strong message would have been sent out.

But unfortunately, in our country some political parties are scared of losing the next elections. Their fear of getting voted out of power runs so deep that they are now trying to pose as minority sympathisers. And in this dirty game of clinging to power at any cost, they are turning a blind eye to some elements that can damage the reputation of the Muslim community forever for their short term goals.

The next major aberration came in the form of Akbaruddin Owaisi’s inflammatory speech delivered in front of a large gathering at Nirmal, Adilabad. After dilly-dallying for nearly two weeks, the police finally swung into action and put the rabble-rouser behind bars. But then political compulsions again threw spanners into legal process and
left patriotic and peace loving citizens frustrated.

The latest casualty of this Muslim rage is veteran actor Kamal Hassan’s latest film Vishwaroopam. The same old clichè of ‘hurting religious sentiments’ is being repeated as the beleaguered actor runs from pillar to post to pacify fringe elements who are against the release of his film.

Incidentally, these fringe elements, vote-bank politics, minority-appeasement and much more are causing irreparable damage to Muslims themselves. Unfortunately, there is no strong, truly secular and forward-looking leader within the community who can put a stop to all this nonsense happening in the name of religion and put his community on a path to peace, progress and prosperity. This is one of the greatest tragedies of our modern narrative.

As if all this weren’t enough, yet another shocking image involving young Muslim children did the rounds on the Internet. The image shows childrenholding a placards reading, “Massacre those who insult Islam”. These children are representing “Aashiqaan-e-Rasool Committee” (fan of the prophet committee).

Perhaps members of this committee members will do well to go through the teachings of the prophet. His teachings will discourage them from displaying such horrific placards. To sum up my argument, an oft-quoted anecdote about the prophet comes to mind. This anecdote promotes the virtues of forgiveness and harmony.

There was an old lady who used to throw garbage at the prophet. The prophet would walk past that lady’s house on his way to the mosque everyday and the lady would, without fail, carry out the ritual of showering the prophet with garbage.

One day the prophet walked past that lady’s house and expected the garbage to come down as usual. But to his surprise, nothing of this kind happened. Out of curiosity he asked the neighbours as to how that lady was.

Upon learning that she had taken ill and was bed-ridden, he went to see her out of genuine sympathy and feelings of forgiveness. Upon seeing the prophet’s generosity and simplicity, she felt ashamed of what she used to do.

If Muslims keep the above-quoted anecdote in mind, they will never resort to violence. The name of the community will never suffer another blow to its reputation. And moreover, none of the political outfits will think of using the community as vote-bank. All types of politics of appeasement will come to an end. When that happens, we will all be Indians living in perfect harmony and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the nation.

Source : NitiCentral
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Need for Supporting Bangabhumi movement

Why Hindus having negative growth in W.Bengal?

West Bengal state of India the bastion of Bengali Hindus inspite of absorbing millions of Hindu refugees from Bangladesh the Hindu percentage has declined from 85% in 1947 to about 70% in 2001. This is mainly due to 2 reasons. About 1.5 crore Muslims from Bangladesh have infiltrated and settled here. Then perhaps the most disturbing factor is from 1981 the Hindu population of West Bengal has remained static and even seen negative growth recently. Due to this low reproductive rate mainly among Bengali Hindus of West Bengal they have diminished from 5 crore 5 million in 1981 to 5 crore 4 million in 2001 or 1 million less. Causes are mainly late marriage and having 1 or 2 children by Hindus. The Left Front Government in West Bengal and Congress in Assam support Muslim Bangladeshi infiltration for vote bamk politics but on the name of industrialisation are grabbing lands of Indian Muslims in western part of West Bengal!

[Flag of Hindu Republic of Bangabhumi] 
Need for Supporting Bangabhumi movement of Bangladeshi Hindus by carving out Northwest Bangladesh & its merger with Indian "Bengal"!

India needs to support movement for Bangabhumi - homeland for Bangladeshi Hindus and merge it with West Bengal or else in 2011 we Hindus will be 52-53% in West Bengal and in next decade around 2020 we will be a helpless minority!
The above is necessary to boost the Hindu % in West Bengal as there are about 1.5 crore Hindus in Bangladesh.

Declining Hindus & need for Supporting Bangabhumi

We are having negative growth and if the current Hindu population is sustained we will remain 5. 4 crore in 2011 but the total population will be around 10 crore including Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators, that makes 54% but taking the negative growth into account and growing infiltration we Hindus will be around estimated 52-53% only. 
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UK Parliament report says 98.7% raped in Bangladesh are Hindus

UK Parliament report says 98.7% raped in Bangladesh are Hindus -
Mass/gang rape has been the weapon of choice because when a girl is raped the family tends to leave for India to avoid its repetition. 200 Hindu women were raped in one night at a single spot in October 2001 Hindu mother and daughter are being raped together so they dare not stay in the country. Even handicapped and 70-year-old women are raped.
— The minorities represent less than 10% of the population but 98.7% of the rape victims are minorities.
— The minorities are forced to pay infidel tax.

What is India without Dharmic religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism & Jainism? An Islamic Republic resembling Pakistan or Bangladesh! Or what else!?

Protection of India as a Dharmic (including Hindus) majority nation is compulsory if Indianness is to be saved.
Communists supports all anti-Hindus
Specially CPI(M) ruling West Bengal. As seen from their recent support to Muslim Jehadis against Taslima Nasrin the author. They protest and create confusion if non-Hindu is tortured and keep mum if Hindu is at the recieving end!

What about them?

Why media and people are silent on these, because the victim this time is a Hindu? Is this Bengali Secularism!?
In opposite cases why media keeps silence?

They say Partition of Bengal due to riots and not Hindu genocide

Riots occur when two groups of people clash and it happened in Punjab where both sides fought each other and there was unofficial transfer of people. But in Bengal only Hindus moved from East Bengal/Pakistan to West Bengal and impotent or large hearted Bengali Hindus did not send any significant Muslims from India to Bangladesh!

It is said that whole East Bengal, specially Noakhali, Dhaka and Barisal saw riots but in reality only Hindus were butchered there! Was it riot or Hindu genocide? Why false information is taught in history books!? Riots to some extent happened only in Hindu majority Kolkata in 1946 though it was a counter attack by mostly Biharis against the Muslim Bengalis after they had killed, raped and maimed Hindu Bengalis! Good or bad revenge was taken in Bihar by Hindus against Noakhali incidents on Bihari Muslims so some Bihari Muslims went to Bangladesh/East Pakistan and still Bengali Hindus regard Biharis as aliens and Bengali Muslims as brothers!

Hence Hindu Bengalis who formed 45% in 1947 reduced to only 28% in Bangladesh + West Bengal. So the question comes why was Bengal partitoned for riots or Hindu genocide by Muslim majority? Was it right for Shyamaprasad Mukherjee to create West Bengal or should he left united Bengal to go to Pakistan?

What for Shyamaprasad is not given his due respect as father of West Bengal? Is this called Bengali secularism!?
What happened in Gujarat were riots as both Hindus and Muslims fought and died but was Kashmiri Hindus driven out for riots or genocides!? Kashmir has a total population of 1 crore with 67% Muslims but 1.5 crore Hindus in bangladesh and 3 million in Pakistan are suffering alone! West Bengal has become a logistic and resting hub of terrorists coming from Bangladesh and no wonder they shout for removal of Pota or Tada!

It is strange that in Hindu majority India, Hindus suffer at the hands of Muslims or Christians in Kashmir, Northeast, Kerala, etc!

Vietnam massacared us and commies support them

Commies should first understand Indian culture before attacking it! In Cambodian pronunciation Omkar Nath is Angkor vat just as in Thai pronunciation King Bhumibal Atulyatej is called Bhumibol Adulayej! These do not change the meanings!

Anyway what can be expected from you as you supported the Vietnamese who had done unspeakable genocide on Indian Hindus of Central and South Vietnam and wiped out them and their civilization to such an extent that ancient Indian settlers in Vietnam and Cambodia who once formed and occupid 2/3 of Indo-China are now called Chams (after Champa civilization) there and are ony 4% of Cambodia and 2% of Vietnam (mainly in south)! Unfortunately 80% of them have accepted Islam but 20% are still practising Hindus called Balamon Chams after Brahmins/Bamons!

South Vietnam with them tried to assert independence with USA help but commies round the world created false propaganda and slaughtered them with Chinese help! Vietnamese of north from 18 th century has destroyed the Indian Hindu civilization of central and south vietnam (Champa) with Chinese help and occupied them!

Chams especially Muslims have mixed with Malays but still retain Hindu chracteristics including language derieved from Sanskrit just as Bahasa (Bhasha in Sanskrit) Malaysia and Bahasha Indonesia, all inter related languages derieved from Sanskrit just as Hindi, Bengali or Punjabi!

N.B: Capital of Hindu Vietnam was the rich port city of Amaravati now known as Da Nang! Now under commies Hindu-Buddhists are heavily persecuted. Ho Chi Minh city is named after the bloddy communist who did all these and earlier it was known as Prem Nagar (Prey Nokor - Khmer), (Vietnamese - Sài Gòn)! UPA-CPM Govt is similiarly hostile to Hindus with Ram Setu-
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Solution for establishment of virtuous i.e. Hindu Nation !

From our correspondent


1. Students should be imparted education that will give them financial independence and make them virtuous.

2. Indian education system and judicial system will only give true freedom !

The revolutionaries were of the opinion that freedom of people would be safeguarded and poverty would be eradicated if the British were thrown out of Bharat and if Indian education system and judicial system was implemented. This was advised by revolutionaries about 81 years back.
- Late Rajeev Dixit, the pioneer of ‘Swadeshi Andolan’

3. Remember that transformation of Nation is possible only when education policy is changed totally!   

Today, ‘Macaulay’s education system adopted by western courtiers is growing very fast which has made the whole country dissipated. The education system based on ‘Vaidik’ style has been destroyed; therefore, till the education system is not changed completely, transformation of nation is not possible.


1. Nation is the manifest form of Dharma : ‘Nation is the manifest form of Dharma. The awareness towards rights related to Dharma is the awareness towards existence of God in the form of Dharma which is required today. – A Scholar (thro’ the medium of Mrs. Anjali Gadgil on Phalgun Kru. 6, Kali Yuga Varsha 5110 [16.3.2009], 2.34 p.m.)

2. Need for following Vaidik path for eradication of anarchy !

A nation cannot survive by forgetting its cultural principles. Today, considering the increasing anarchy, lack of refinement, promiscuity and mentality developed to do whatever one wants; following of ways not adhering to science, it has become imperative to follow Vaidik path. The whole system has become so blurred, imperfect, baseless and corrupt that not only Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies but also the judiciary is becoming incompetent.  

3. ‘This Bharat is my own nation; her hatred is my hatred, her drawbacks are my defects; her greatness is my eminence; such should be unbreakable faith and such faith should be nurtured’ – Gurudev Dr. Kate Swamiji     

Ruler should be righteous !

1. What a king should have and should not have for an ideal Nation ! 

‘King is required to get what is lacking; to grow what exists; to protect what is grown; for equal distribution among subjects, of what is grown and protected; and for power to punish. The only condition is, the holder of such power should have no attachments and should have self-restraints; but if he is succumbing to all temptations and a coward, he becomes the destroyer of his kingdom.’ – Gurudev Kate Swamiji

2. ‘Kautilya’ should be kept as an ideal in politics !

We should keep ‘Kautilya’ as an ideal in politics. By shouting at our own people and not knowing our real enemy, we are making our nation as a weak and feeble nation. The principle of attacking should be used on others and not on our own people.

3. Government should be fearless and valiant !

Maharshi Dayanand had said in his guidance on how an ideal government should be that ‘Indro Jayaati na paraa Jayaataa….’- Atharv Veda, Chapter 6, ‘Sukta 98, Part 1 – meaning ‘O human, the person who can win over his foes and never gets defeated by his foes, is the ruler of his subjects.’

Unity of Hinds is the only solution !

1. Lack of unity amongst Hindus is the cause of many problems like terrorism, infiltration of Bangla Deshis, conversion of Hindus, cow-slaughter, injustice and oppression of Hindus, insult of Saints and Deities, robbing of temples etc. If Hindus unite, only then this curse will end !

A. Hindus are not united and this is the reason that the country is facing so many problems like terrorism, infiltration of more than 30 millions of Bangla Deshis, conversion of Hindus, cow-slaughtering, treason, immense injustice meted out to Hindus and their oppression, oppression and molestation of Hindu women, insult of Hindu Saints and Deities, constant robberies taking place in temples etc. Hindus are very tolerant and non-violent; therefore, attempts made for elimination of Hindu Dharma are on rise. If Hindus come together, all the above curses will end.

B. ‘Today, although India is a free country, Hindus are still slaves. Hindu Unity and unification is most essential to destroy this slavery. This is the true path of democracy and non-violence.’ – Mr. Anand Shankar Pandya (Bi-weekly- ‘Pavan Parivaar’, 1-15 May 2011)

2. Indian people are tolerant; therefore, rulers are taking advantage and exploiting them. We are responsible for this; but the day people lose patience and take to the roads; these rulers will know their right place in a moment.’ – Late Rajeev Dixit

3. People need to wake up and find out solution on the problem of corrupt rulers

The root cause of all problems is corruption of rulers and bureaucrats and the black money accumulated by them. Presently, no political party is capable of solving this huge problem; because all of them are the characters of this terrible drama. It will be possible to find out solution to this problem only if people wake up.’ – (Editor, Geeta Swadhyay, March 2011)

4. Awareness should be created keeping God in mind !

Many revolutionaries sacrificed their life for freedom of this country. God only relieved you from the clutches of slavery of the British through the medium of revolutionaries; else, living in the ‘Raja-Tama’ atmosphere of the British, you would have inculcated their ‘sanskars’. You should remember the revolutionaries who sacrificed their life and stopped the harm caused to country and Dharma and you should also now fight for protection of your nation and Dharma. Even today, there are people in this country who are causing harm to our nation and Dharma. If they are not curbed in time, the country will once again face subjection /dependence. Every citizen should, therefore, keep the revolutionaries and God in mind and create awareness.

5. If people stringently punish politicians for their mistakes, it will create awe over others !

‘In our times, defectors were given stringent punishment like amputation of their hands and legs; therefore, even others used to be scared and they did not dare to indulge in such acts. Today’s politicians support criminals and help terrorists. With such persons ruling the country, people need to punish them now.’ – An unknown power claiming to be Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (Mrs. Rajashree Arun Khollam)

6. Non-Governmental machinery is required to take action independently against the corrupt !

At the time of Parliamentary and State Legislative elections, candidates collect billions of rupees in the form of fees. Inquiry should be conducted against all such candidates and if found guilty, their candidature should be treated as invalid and they should be given life imprisonment. In China, a corrupt person is hanged; then why there is no system in India to put curb on them? Non-Governmental machinery is required to take action independently against the corrupt.
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Rajnath Singh dares Shinde: Ban RSS, BJP if we are terrorists


New Delhi : In a scathing attack on Sushilkumar Shinde over his “Hindu terror” remarks, BJP president Rajnath Singh has said the Home Minister had hurt India’s image by his comments and dared him to ban the RSS and BJP and arrest all their leaders if there was any evidence against these organisations.

Questioning the silence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi over the remarks, the BJP chief made it clear that his party will continue its “oust-Shinde” campaign even in the Budget Session of Parliament expected to begin in the third week of next month.

“If, as Home Minister, you think that the RSS and BJP are churning out terrorists, then we have also attended such training camps. Are we also terrorists? Do you consider us terrorists? Then put us also in jail,” Singh told PTI in an interview while reacting sharply to Shinde’s comments.

In a poser to the Home Minister, the BJP leader said, “If you consider the RSS and BJP to be terrorist organizations, why don’t you ban them? If you have evidence against them, why don’t you reveal that evidence?”

At the Congress Chintan Shivir in Jaipur recently, Shinde had accused the RSS and BJP of promoting terrorists at their training camps. Singh alleged that Shinde had made the comments because of vote-bank politics.

Asked about Home Secretary R K Singh citing certain names in connection with the bombings in support of “Hindu terror” remarks of Shinde, Singh said the RSS is a big organization and someone may have sometimes attended a camp. “That doesn’t mean the entire organization is a terrorist organization. It is possible that such a person may have been associated in the past with the Congress also. The law should take its course against those held guilty. But the whole organization should not be held responsible for isolated acts of a few. Even in a family when someone commits a crime, you don’t call the entire family criminal,” the BJP chief said.

Noting that Jamaat-ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed had utilized Shinde’s remarks to target India, he said it was unfortunate that the comments of Indian Home Minister is being supported by the head of a terrorist organization in Pakistan and the Government is maintaining silence.

“Hafiz Saeed, who heads the JUD, has tried to tell the whole world that India is a terrorist state. Hasn’t India’s image suffered a setback at the international level?” Rajnath Singh said as he termed the “silence” of the Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi as “unfortunate”.

“We have asked the PM to express regret over Shinde’s statement and withdraw it. He and Sonia Gandhi have maintained silence. If the PM cannot speak up when the reputation of the country is on the line, then when will he speak? And if Congress President doesn’t react to an issue concerning India’s image, then when will she react?” Rajnath Singh asked.

He said agencies of the whole world are saying that LeT and other terrorist organizations were behind the Mecca Masjid and Ajmer blasts but the Indian Home Hinister is saying that the RSS and BJP are behind these.

Source : FirstPost
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